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"Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990"

​​Ladies ...

I provide a gentle place to process, renew and celebrate Life ...

A place to share your truth, your fears, your hopes & dreams.

I listen, encourage and support you, wherever you are on your path in life.  
I share what I've learned, and hopefully bring  healing, light and wisdom into your life.

For over 30 years, I have worked with clients - and myself - through:

  • Life changes
  • Illnesses of all sorts
  • LBGTQ Support
  • Co-Dependent Relationships
  • Narcissism 
  • ​Divorce - Relationship Loss
  • Miscarriages
  •  Suicide
  •  Death and dying
  • Marriage planning/Wedding Officiant/Minister
  • House blessings
  • Career changes
  • Spiritual evolution ... I am here for you.

My Services - $35 Half Hour - $60 Full Hour

  • ​​​ Spiritual Guidance  - I am here for you while you process the life situation you are dealing with at this time.  
    • Be encouraged.  Be connected.
    • Know you are not alone.  You are unique, perfect the way you are - and a gift to our world.
    • You are loved.
  • ​30 Minute Nurturing Sessions for Body, Mind & Spirit  - Healing Touch
    • ​  Relax and receive a lovely hand and foot massage ...
    • Optional:  ​I will balance your 7 Energy Centers - Chakras - Sharing both the fragile, closed energies and the strong ones that give you support.  When we are finished all your Energy Centers will be open! 
    • Breathe and enjoy the process of being cared for and encouraged in your ongoing journey and path in life. 
  • ​Angel Card Readings - Experience the support and affirmations your Angels and God/Spirit have for you.
  • DEB Art - Dream.  Embrace. Believe.  Lovely creations to share, connect with others and Spirit ... and inspire!


I Believe ...
Life teaches us and wisdom follows.  
I believe trust and faith help us to be brave.  
You are the author of your story and are encouraged to edit your story, 
by adding and deleting characters in your life, and choosing each path in life, as you see fit.
​I am here for you.

My Purpose ...
Before wisdom can come, discovery, pain, love and loss, and joy must be experienced. 
Looking back at all of the gifts and lessons I’ve gathered in my life, has clarified my purpose for BEing . . .
I realize, my life’s purpose is being available to others. 
Being vulnerable and being compassionate. 
Listening, and being present to others and the continued whispers of Spirit and presence of God. 

Our difficulties can create strength and understanding with others experiencing some of the same things. 
We do not have to walk our path in life alone. We are in this world together to share and create understanding and Love.​​​​​​

You can contact me HERE to make an appointment or have an inquiry about my offerings.
I appreciate the gift of serving you.

I wish for you, the best in life.
Blessings and Love,

Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990 - Brainerd, Minnesota


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“One new perception, one fresh thought, one act of surrender, one change of heart, one leap of faith,

can change your life forever.” -Robert Holden

Nurturing Body, Mind & Spirit

I AM A SPIRITUAL GUIDE, Energy Worker & Artist


​Brainerd, Minnesota