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For 27 years, Life Care Center has been my business as a Certified Massage Therapist, in Brainerd, Minnesota. Throughout those years, I have felt the nudging of God/Spirit in various ways to help my clients.  I learned long ago, it's best to do and go where God is directing me, as His persistence is stronger than my hesitations and dragging feet! I continue to find joy in providing massage for my clients, and have added Gatherings  & Speaking Engagements  through The ART of BEing, to my business/life adventure!  It's another wonderful way to share with most amazing women!

The ART of BEing- Sharing My Story ....

I believe sharing stories is a powerful way to connect hearts.                                                      Life teaches us, wisdom follows.  Trust and faith help us to be brave.  I'm taking a breath and sharing my story, beginning as a child of 5 and hearing Whispers, through the tragic death and blessing of my little sister, marriage, divorce and experiencing deep depression, a shift from religion to Spirituality, single parenting,  serving in local government, working with my amazing clients, helping my folks cross over within 3 weeks of each other, to experiencing a heart attack, getting engaged and then NOT!  

And realizing ... my  life purpose is BEing available to others.   BEing vulnerable and BEing compassionate.   Listening, and BEing present to others and the continued Whispers of Spirit and presence of God.  All the while, BEing ME, unique in all the joy, muck, tears, fears and courage I breathe through, while living the gift of today.

I share my story for a simple reason ...  Our difficulties can create strength and understanding with others experiencing some of the same things.  We do not have to walk our path in life alone.  We are in this world together to share and create understanding and love.  I'm open and willing to meet with groups who are interested in the sharing of my story  -  and will provide more detail and focus on particular topics/life experiences, as  they pertain to specific issues you may be dealing with.                               Contact me for availability and rates.

Topics Include:

Listening to the Whispers - Trusting Your Intuition

Dying - The Hard Stuff - The Blessings

Working Through Divorce - My Husband Is Gay, I'm a Mess & then Amazing!

Life As A Single Mom - Teens & Addiction Struggles

My Shift from Religion to Spirituality

My Heart Attack Story - Short & Sweet

Dating in my 60's -  Still Learning

Wise Women Ceremonies, create a beautiful way to recognize the gift older Women are in our lives - and for those of us in the 50+ arena of life, to celebrate and honor the experiences that have given us the wisdom we are blessed with.

Offering guidance and spiritual support for clients, I have worked with numerous people over the years.   I have also facilitated Drumming Circles, Spiritual Ceremonies for Forgiveness & Renewal, and workshops on Healing through Divorce/Relationship Loss, Chakra's, Meditation, Listening to your Angels & Guides and a Licensed Wedding Officiant. 

"The ART of BEing"  is a project that came to light after meditation and taking time to journal.  I'm excited to share these Gatherings and classes with you, as together we enrich our lives, delighting in simply Being who we are!   How fortunate, Crossing Arts was instrumental in our beginning, as they offered to share their Art Gallery for our first Gatherings.  Be sure to check them out - becoming a member is a great way to support the arts in our community, besides being connected with amazing people!  Because our circle of women has grown,  Marty Gegner and I have created The Gathering Place at Franklin Arts Center.  We are thrilled to hold a space for the ever growing/spiritually glowing/gorgeous women who cross the threshold!

I  also enjoy working with Cynthia Ransom,  supporting her in Good Karma Skin Care, as she transitions Good Karma to our Brainerd Lakes Area.

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Following my path in life 

Never let go of your dreams!



As a Facilitator, I will come to you ...
You provide the location and circle of friends 

 Minimum of 7.
Let me know the Topic(s) you/your circle have interest in.
Time Frame:
2 Hours - $30/pp
4 Hours - $50/pp
6 Hours - $70/pp 

(Overnight with Morning Sharing/Prayer/Closing)
Travel Expenses/Lodging will be charged.
Hostess with 10+ guests will have

complimentary pass ...

I have a grateful heart.  Thank You! 
I am looking forward to spending time with you!

Awesome people I have worked with ...

Matt Priebe, Blue Water Acupuncture

Erica Johnson, Northern Family Chiropractic  

Ryan Hokanson, Select Life Chiropractic

Marty Gegner,  DreamWorkWellness, LLC 

DreamWork, Reflexology, Tarot,

Reiki, Chakra Balancing 

Lakes Area Yoga Association


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