Ladies -

Enjoy encouragement from your Angels and Guides.

An Angel Card Reading is a way for God/Spirit and our Angels to bringing peace, clarity, affirmation and love into your life.

30 Minutes: $40 - 60 Minutes: $65

Phone/Video Chat  

Four 10 Minute Phone/Video Chat Readings Once a Week

4 Weeks in a Row:  $50

Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990 - Brainerd, Minnesota

*I am not a medical doctor nor do I portray myself as one. I do not diagnose your body, emotions, or prescribe medications.

My services do not replace the services of other professionals, such as medical doctors, counselors, psychotherapists, chiropractors, etc.

Angel Card Readings 

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Is a wonderful way to experience affirmation and support from God/Spirit and your Angels during this time of  fear, unrest and blessings ...

I Believe ...

God's love has provided us with Guardian Angels, to light our way, guide us and help us through life.

I also believe we have support from family and friends on earth - and those who have crossed over.  Some of us have Guides, too.  We are surrounded with light and love.  We are blessed.  It’s nice to know we have a ‘team’ who is encouraging us throughout our lives, in good times and difficult times.

God knows our hearts, loves us, and when we ask for help, we are blessed in the ways our prayers are answered.  (Sometimes, NOT the answer we’d like … but … each answer helps us to grow into more of who we are).  Trust, faith and grace are gifts to wrap ourselves up in, knowing … we are not alone.

Often-times, clients appreciate the insight, wisdom and affirmations they receive from an Angel Card Reading.  Angels are God’s messengers, guiding and supporting us from the minute we are born ’till the minute we die.  An Angel Card Reading, is simply a way for them to connect with us in a language we can understand.  Words, pictures, colors, feelings.   Trust, faith and grace are gifts to wrap ourselves up in, knowing … we are not alone.  

Know how special and loved you are.

I look forward to sharing this time with you.