Hello to You!

I bet you enjoy getting an unexpected lovely note in your mailbox, don't you?  I sure do!  There's a real heart connection when we receive a special card in the mail.  Someone has taken the time to put pen to paper and in moments ... the tie between us is near and dear.

Life has been difficult and hard for many people over the past year.  I decided to make a limited number of home-made cards (SET OF 5) for you, to send to  loved ones. It's a lovely little way of brightening someone's day.

Each card is unique, fitting into a brown 5.75"x 4.3/8" envelope. I cut, often round the corners, age the edges and add different bits and bobs, words, and pictures - some from Gi Kerr's Etsy Shop - and some from a 1910 Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalog or a 1904 book on history of the world - or ... whatever strikes my fancy.

It's a random draw or surprise as to what 5 Card Set is sent to you! 

EMAIL ME your order request.

Blessings and Love,




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