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Dream. Embrace. Believe.

Nature Spirit, Morag.
Scottish version of Sarah.  Meaning “Princess”.
Approx. 8 inches long
$25 plus tax/shipping.  USA
Payment via Paypal before shipping.

Nature Spirit Muirin.
Irish meaning “Born of the Sea”.
Approx. 8 inches long.
Muirin shares her energy of peace and calm.  She is birthed with Lake Superior driftwood, tiny smooth stones from Mother Earth, a pinecone from my backyard and shell from a neighborhood lake.  A feather adorns her white goat-locks with bits of moss interspersed … a lovely crystal rests on her shoulder, barely seen in this photo.
She is created with intention, love, the gift of Spirit and nature.
$25 plus tax/shipping. USA
Payment via Paypal before shipping.

Enchanting Dream Wands & Mobiles

In our busy and sometimes crazy world, we need to find times to pause …
Take a breath …
Close our eyes to the distractions of the moment …
Take another breath …
And be in the stillness of Spirit.

In the stillness …
We listen …
We open our hearts …
We allow for the ‘Whispers of Spirit’ to guide us.

My Wands and Mobiles provide a gentle reminder to take those moments with Spirit.

Allowing for Dreams to unfold when we Embrace them and Believe in the guidance given.
$10 to $45 – Lake Superior Driftwood

Created with Intention, Love &  

A Little Bit of Magic!