SINCE 1990

My many years with clientscontinues to be filled with amazing moments - even after retiring from my massage business!  Now, it's offering my time with you, simply and with heart ...

I know the power of touch ...
And the peace and healing it can bring ...
I provide gentle touch to face, hands and feet, along with balancing your Chakras (Energy Centers centers in your body), while you rest in an anti-gravity chair.
A big change from massage ... clothes stay on! You nestle in the lined fleeced chair with a blanket and tucked-in pillows. Toes need to stay toasty, especially in the winter, so I'll take your socks off off when I'm ready to work on them. New clients feel less vulnerable and exposed with this  treatment and find they relax into a state of bliss, quite quickly!
When you feel off-kilter and have low energy, coming in for a session can help release stress, lower blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and quiet your mind ... You actually feel better - simply by being here and being open to your body, mind and Spirit receiving the nurturing you need.
Ahhhh .....
Quiet centering prayer and love, is crucial to the connection I have with you as my client.

We share this time together, so you can experience the power of touch and receive

the goodness it brings into your life.

Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990​
Energy Work, Compassion and Love ...
Wishing You Peace,


Come and enjoy  a nurturing environment of peace and healing for body, mind and Spirit.

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Take Care of You … 

Enjoy every minute ...

Nurturing Sessions for Body, Mind & Spirit

Nurturing Session
30 Minutes Face, Hands & Feet (Combination of your choice)​
​Energy Work/Chakra Balancing If You Choose​
$35 Suggested Offering

Consider this:

4 Sessions/Within 60 Days (Alternate Weeks): Suggested Offering $100

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The services I provide are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Please see a medical professional if you have concerns or questions regarding your health.



Payments  can be cash, check or through PayPal Invoice.

Due before session.  Thank you!

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Christmas Special!

30 Minute Session

$25 - SAVE $10

Nov 30 - Dec 8

​Gift Certificates Available

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