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My Story​

​BEing Me . . .  Never Let Go Of Your Dreams!

I am a luminator of compassion & love for body, mind & Spirit as a Certified Massage Therapist & Energy Worker, and an Intuitive Listener & Guide.  I am a Teacher & Speaker from the heart and a Writer inspired by Life & Spirit ... and … with my colleague, Becky Flansburg, A Facilitator for Women's Celebrations & Retreats❤.  I also am a Textile Artist!

For 28 years I have been in business as a Certified Massage Therapist & Energy Worker in Brainerd, Minnesota.  I am grateful for my clients, the healing touch they receive, and the fact that this career choice has brought both my clients and me, incredible joy for nearly three decades. 

I am an Intuitive Listener, Guide & Mentor.  Listening is a necessary part of conversation, truth-telling, building relationships and actually honoring the person speaking - SEEING you, HEARING you, VALIDATING you.  I believe that Life teaches us and wisdom follows.  I believe that trust and faith help us to be brave.  You are the author of your story and are encouraged to edit your story by adding and deleting characters in your life, and choosing each path in life, as you see fit.

​I am here for you, available at my home/office during the weekdays.
​ ​  
Before wisdom can come, discovery, pain, love and loss, and joy must be experienced. Looking back at all of the gifts and lessons I’ve gathered in my life, has clarified my purpose for BEing . . .

I realize, my life’s purpose is BEing available to others. BEing vulnerable and BEing compassionate. Listening, and BEing present to others and the continued whispers of Spirit and presence of God. All the while, BEing Me.
Unique in all the joy, muck, tears, fears and courage I breathe through, while living the gift of today.​​
Our difficulties can create strength and understanding with others experiencing some of the same things. We do not have to walk our path in life alone. We are in this world together to share and create understanding and Love.

​​I look forward to spending time with you!

You can contact me HERE if you have questions or to book a Massage/Energy Session, sign up for a  Retreat, schedule a private session for conversation, guidance and sharing, or want me as a Speaker.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my website.
I wish for you, the best in life.
Blessings and Love,

Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990