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I AM a Listener ... A Guide ... For Women 

Often times, it's important to be heard.  (Although ... there are times, I'm greatly relieved I haven't said  something out-loud - or my thoughts can't be read ... you, too?!) When we share our thoughts, we are creating our reality.  What we think, becomes real - our words out-loud, create a higher vibration than just our thoughts.  Sometimes we need someone to listen to us as we process through a direction we're taking - making a change we know is best for us.  I am here to listen, not judge.  The answers are within you.   Often when sharing, questions and clarification can be helpful, and that is my part of the conversation with you.

​​We all walk a path in life with varying experiences.  

We learn from them, and move on ... and sometimes, find ourselves back in similar situations, practicing, once again. Life is filled with practicing moments, weeks, and even years!

The root of our Being, that part of our spiritual essence, is often with the family belief system we grew up with.  It can ground us, give us peace and create a community of like-minded people, serving, respecting and worshiping as one.  

Or, maybe, life is changing and what we've been doing, no longer works.   We seek, explore and ask questions.   It's the prompting of Spirit/God within us.  Pay attention to the quiet whispers.  Be still.  Breathe.  Listen.  Let time be your friend.   Trust how your body is responding - trust your gut - listen to your heart, and there will be a sense of peace when your head and heart are in alignment with Truth.  We are each responsible for our own journey,  our path in life.   It's an 'inside job', for sure.  We can travel all over the world - seeking - and then realize, the longest journey is ..... between our head and our heart!

There are times we experience the synchronicity of meeting someone at the right place at the right time to help us or just listen. We are here for each other.  Not to judge, but to encourage,  be honest, to forgive, and to Love.  Life isn't always easy.  We are challenged with tough stuff.  Going through it, we find out more of who we are - we realize strengths and weaknesses.  The way we look at things, changes.  It's ok.  It's how we grow.  It's living life the best we can, in this moment. Now.  Be patient.  You will find your community of love and respect - you will find 'your people'.  We weren't plunked here on earth one at a time,  there's 7.6 billion of us, unique individual Beings ... and we're here for each other ... sometimes students, sometimes teachers in life.

 I believe we also have support from God, angels, guides, family & friends on earth and  those who have crossed over.  We are surrounded with light and love.  We are blessed.   It's nice to know we have a 'team' who is encouraging us while we're living through this life - I find them very helpful and enjoy their sense of humor!

And so ... I am a Listener ... present for you.  Present to hear you and acknowledge you, wherever you are on your path in life.

I look forward to the time we will spend together.

​Blessings and Love,



If I feel I am not the right person to guide you, I will not hesitate to recommend another professional counselor who is better equipped to meet your needs.​


The services I provide are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

If you have concerns about your health or medical care, please consult a professional physician.