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Cultivating Quiet Healing from within

Since 1990

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My many years with clientscontinues to be filled with amazing moments.  When I began, I thought of this as a ministry rather than a career.  I told God I would continue to do this 'labor of love' until Spirit made it clear it is time for me to stop ... and it hasn't happened yet!  As of September 2018, after 28 years, as I listened to the "Whispers of Spirit" and honoring my body ... I did put away my massage table!  No more full body massages!  I know the power of Healing Touch, and with that, provide facial and foot sessions, along with Chakra/Energy Balance ... see below.

I  continue to provide a nurturing environment of peace and healing for body, mind and Spirit.

Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990

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Take Care of You … Healing Touch Massage

Face, Hands & Feet

30 Minutes/$35

​Special: Book 4 weeks in a row: $100 

​Energy Work/Chakra Balancing - Add $10 to Session

Energy Work/Chakra Balancing Only

​20 Minutes: $25

​​Angel Card Readings - 30 Minutes - $30

Holiday Special Through December 23 - 30 Minutes - $20

This will help you become aware of how your Angels are working daily on your behalf.

Gift Certificates Available 

Angels are God's Messengers.  We are each gifted Guardian Angels while we are here on earth. 

They guide us and protect us - most of the time, we are not even aware

of how busy they are on our behalf!  We can ask them to assist us,

giving us signs to guide us.  I believe using Angel Cards,

is a way for them to speak to us simply, in a language we can understand. 

Often times, it's just taking the time to ask …

and then trusting the answer will be given …

allowing for God's perfect timing. 

They do not 'predict' the future, and only work with us through God's grace and love.

Intuitive Listening & Guide/Mentor

It's important to be heard.  Healing happens when we are heard. 

Our thoughts matter.  Talking through an issue,

can give us insight and the answers are within us. 

Sometimes, we just need an unbiased set of ears and an open heart -

without judgement, to listen to us. 

It's stuff we don't want to burden loved ones with -

perhaps not going through insurance and the cost of a licensed counselor -

perhaps it's just processing a situation we're in.  

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Small Group Gatherings

I will be posting here and on my Facebook site!  

Let me know if you are interested in attending! 

If you get 5 friends together, I am happy to provide a class for you, in my home.

I love the Circle of 5 … It is intimate, trust is easily built, vulnerability is easier to share and friendships are created that can last for a life-time.

Spirit Doll Class

In this 2 hour Gathering, you will birth a Spirit Doll using twigs and a variety of fabrics, fibers, and trims. Spirit Dolls serve as messengers to us, from Spirit – providing the  message(s) we need to hear, at the moment we need to hear them. We will be focusing on qualities we would like to inspire or encourage within ourselves while making the dolls, so pieces or totems that are representative may also be incorporated into the design.
A variety of materials will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring along strips of fabric or fibers that they find interesting or inspiring. 

The Crossing Arts Alliance:

Saturday, September 22 - 1pm to 3pm  (Completed)

Friday, November 16 - 10am - Noon - Register HERE

- My Home:

Saturday, October 13 Mini-Retreat - 10am to 2pm  - $40 - RSVP
I really believe in the strength of building circles of women who support,

laugh, cry, give and receive ... living life to the fullest. 

In that, I am offering you a Mini Retreat in my home:
Morning:  Open the Circle/Share our Stories/Create Spirit Doll
Lunch:  (Pay as you go - The Local 218 - Neighborhood Restaurant)
Afternoon: Becky will share on creating a Bullet Journal/Close our Circle​
Saturday, November 3 - 1pm to 3pm  - $35 - Let's Birth Our Spirit Doll! - $30
RSVP  Bring a friend and join us!!

Saturday, December 1 - Intentions: Ready, Set, GO!

10am - Noon & 2pm to 4pm

Circle of 5 for each session

We dream with great intentions!
We dream in words:
We're writing a LETTER to ourselves for 2019.
I will keep them until November of 2019 and send them back to you!
We dream in living color:
We're creating our VISION BOARD for 2019.
It will be done on a 8" by 24" piece of plywood,

so it can be hung with ease and a gentle reminder throughout the year.
It will be in my little cottage house. Address given with RSVP.

Chakra Balancing & Creating Stone Mandala's

In this 4 hour class, we will spend the 1st half learning about Chakra's ( Energy Centers in our body), what they do, where they are located, and determine if they are opened or closed.  What does it mean if they are closed?  How do we open them?  The 2nd half of class, we will create our personal stone mandala's, using the Chakra colors, focusing on our strengths and bringing light to areas in our life that welcome encouragement, affirmations, healing and love.

- My Home

Stay tuned!  Let me know if you are interested.  Contact me HERE.

This is one of mine! The yellow is 3rd Chakra (Stomach) - Confidence & Trusting what your gut is saying.  The teal signifies for me, the 5th Chakra (Throat) which is communication, listening and speaking your truth. Turquoise is a great stone to wear to keep the throat open.