•  30 Minutes:  $35
  • 60 Minutes: $60
  • 90 Minutes: $90
  • ​Special: 3 - 60 Minute Sessions within 90 Days: $160 ($20 Savings)

Ladies Only.

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 I am here for you.​​


Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990 - Brainerd, Minnesota

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"Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990"

Spiritual Guidance - “One new perception, one fresh thought, one act of surrender, one change of heart,

one leap of faith, can change your life forever.” - Robert Holden


Honoring  where you are on your path in Life.

Take a breath ... sip some tea ...

It's important to be heard. When we share our thoughts, we are creating our reality.  What we think, becomes real - our words out-loud, create a higher vibration than just our thoughts.  Sometimes we need someone to listen to us as we process through a direction we're taking - making a change we know is best for us.  I am here to listen, not judge.  The answers are within you.   Often when sharing, questions and clarification can be helpful, and that is my part of the conversation with you.

Perhaps, life is changing and what we've been doing, no longer works.   We seek, explore and ask questions.   It's the prompting of Spirit/God within us.  Pay attention to the quiet whispers.  Be still.  Breathe.  Listen.  Let time be your friend.   Trust how your body is responding.  Trust your gut and listen to your heart.  There will be a sense of peace when your head and heart are in alignment with Truth.  We are each responsible for our own journey,  our path in life.   It's an 'inside job', for sure.  We can travel all over the world - seeking - and then realize, the longest journey is ..... between our head and our heart!

I am here for you ...

Supporting, listening, affirming and guiding ... 

as you journey through this chapter in life.

Blessings and Love,