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Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990 - Brainerd, Minnesota

"Cultivating Quiet Healing From Within Since 1990"

Spring & Early Summer Sacred Women's Circle

Day Retreat!

Aspirations Hopes & Dreams - Making it Real

  • Tools to Affirm & Empower

Saturday May 22


Saturday June 12

10am to 4pm


Lunch will be additional cost.  Ordered and Delivered from SAGE on Laurel.

My backyard.

Limited to 8 Women - This will be an intimate Sacred Circle of sharing, healing and growing.

Laughter and tears will bubble and flow.

We are amazing Women who have lived through one of the most difficult years of our lives.

During this time, we may have uncovered and discovered pieces of our lives that no longer serve us.

We know life is all about change, because we want to continue to grow into more of who we are.

This day is all about clearing blockages emotionally, physically and Spiritually.  It's giving ourselves

permission to let go, knowing it will open the doors to amazing possibilities in our lives ... our hopes and our dreams. 

We will share our stories, we will listen.  We will enjoy quiet meditation time.  We will be open to

Divine moments of Truth and clarity, or simply enjoy the quiet pause in the moments of the day to 

renew and restore our Spirits. 

I will provide simple tools and ideas you can use as you move forward in the days to come. 

We will each be making a Prayer Stick, so if you have precious old parts of jewelry, bring them along. 

They are a part of your story.

  • Bring something meaningful to add to our alter
  • If you have a pendulum, bring it - if not one can be purchased at CatTales in Downtown Brainerd.
  • Pre-registration Required
  • Arrive 15 minutes early so we can begin promptly at 10am - We will be following CDC Protocol for Covid-19

​I look forward to sharing this day with you.

The Blessings Continue!